Code of Conduct

A copy to the Orange County Student Code of Conduct is given to each child at the beginning of the school year. Students who enter after the start of the year are provided a copy in their registration packet. Parents/Guardians are asked to review the code of conduct with their child(ren), sign the form acknowledging receipt of the booklet, and return it to the school. Teachers will review the code of student conduct with classes at the beginning of every grading period.

Summary for Students

This code tells you about your rights as a student and also tells you what will happen if you do not follow the rules.

Some of your rights are:

  1. to attend school and have a chance to learn
  2. to be treated fairly
  3. to expect other students to obey the rules

Some of your responsibilities are:

  1. to follow the instructions of paraprofessionals, teachers and principals
  2. to treat others with respect
  3. to act properly any time you are at school, a school activity, or on a school bus
  4. to respect the property and rights of others on your way to and from school

You must not:

  1. damage school property
  2. fight with others
  3. threaten to hurt others
  4. steal or take anything that belongs to someone else
  5. use profane or obscene language
  6. have any weapon or dangerous object that could hurt others (Pocket knives of any kind are a part of the list of weapons banned on all school campuses.)
  7. use or have illegal drugs