Electronic Devices


A voice mail system is operational. You may leave messages for staff members by entering their voice mailbox number after calling the main number (407) 858-3150. Please do not leave a message about how a child is to go home in a voice mailbox. A written note is required.

The school telephone is a business telephone and may be used by children only in cases of emergency and with special permission from their teacher or an administrator.

To ensure engaging instruction, it is our school policy to keep student instruction time sacred. Therefore, except in cases of emergency, classes will not be interrupted during the instructional period to deliver phone messages to children or to teachers. Telephone messages for children are logged in at the office and relayed near the end of the day.

You may assist us in upholding this policy by ensuring your child understands beforehand:

  1. His/her transportation on a rainy day. We discourage the practice of children calling home on rainy days.
  2. His/her responsibility to remember to bring needed materials to school.
  3. His/her responsibility to secure a note from the parent/guardian giving permission to go home with a friend.


Students who carry cell phones must have them turned off and stored in their backpacks while the student is on school grounds. Any violation of this policy will result in the cell phone being held by a staff member until a parent or guardian comes to the school to collect it.


Radios, hand-held computer games, I-Pods, CD players, trading cards (such as Pokemon or sports), skateboards, scooters, and rollerblades are not permitted at school. Toys are not permitted unless the parent receives a written request from their teacher stating that the child is allowed to bring a toy that will enhance the curriculum.