Skyward Access and Viewing Grades

To learn how to log-in to Skyward, please visit the OCPS website here:


Click here for help accessing your child's progress report on Skyward.

Grades used for Academic Progress

Grades K-1

S – Satisfactory

W – Working on Skill

N – Needs Improvement

U- Unsatisfactory

Blank- Not Assessed

Grades 2-5

A – 90-100 Outstanding Progress

B – 80-89 Above Average Progress

C – 70-79 Average Progress

D – 60-69 Lowest Acceptable Progress

F – 0-59 Unacceptable Progress

Grades 2-5 Special Areas and Social Development/Work Habits Grades

O- Outstanding

S- Satisfactory

N- Needs Improvement

U- Unsatisfactory

Grades K-5 Grade Level Performance Ratings

Above- Above Grade Level

At- At Grade Level

Below- Below Grade Level

Honor Roll

Honor Roll Recognition events will be held after each grading period to recognize student achievement in grades 2-5. Awards are presented to students for Perfect Attendance, Citizenship and Honor Roll. Criteria for Honor Roll includes a child having all A’s, a combination of A’s and B’s, all B’s, 1’s or 2’s and all S’s.



Students will be given reasonable homework assignments. These may include the practice of new skills, book reports, and content reading. Check your child’s Planner for homework assignments. Please provide a time and place for students to do this required work. Our goal is to improve study habits at school and at home.



All textbooks are loaned to students free of charge. However, parents/guardians are responsible for lost or damaged books and will be expected to pay for them. Students are urged to take good care of books to avoid an assessment at the end of the year.