Dress Code

We take pride in the appearance of our students. We expect students to dress in a tasteful manner which exemplifies their readiness to learn and to show “Panther Pride.” A positive relationship exists between students’ actions and the way they dress. Clean, appropriate clothing can set the tone for the learning climate. A school committee has developed the following dress code for all students:

  1. Shoes must be secured to the feet. Sandals must have straps (no slide type shoes or flip flops allowed.)
  2. Sneakers must be worn for physical education class.
  3. All clothes must be worn with the proper undergarments.
  4. No tank tops, (unless a shirt is worn underneath), no spaghetti strap tops, no halter tops, tie up tops or bare midriff.
  5. No garments shorter than the tips of the students’ fingers when the arms are resting at the side.
  6. Clothing bearing inappropriate or offensive content is not allowed.
  7. Pants and shorts must be worn with a belt (unless elastic waist).
  8. The administration has the discretion to determine what is appropriate and inappropriate school attire.

Any student who comes to school dressed inappropriately may be asked to change into more acceptable attire before being admitted to class. Students, staff and parents are encouraged to wear the school colors each Friday.